Profitable Farmer Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, be sure to subscribe to the Profitable Farmer podcast with Andrew Roberts from the Farm Owners Academy. It's an informative and thought-provoking listen as he discusses the skills you need to run a successful farming business.

Growing up on a farm in New England and raised by a hard-working father, Andrew outlines what can make you a fantastic farmer AND a successful business person. He says it is all about working smarter, not harder to reap the rewards. In an interesting piece from the podcast, Andrew displays the definition of a business as the following:

"Commercial profitable enterprise that works without you."

Def: Business

While it sounds like an odd definition, Andrew offers the following areas as key:

  • planning strong foundations
  • goals & objectives
  • understanding your finances and cash flow
  • team building and recruitment
  • time management
  • strong systems and efficiencies

Andrew warns against become a jack of all trades in business, and rather look to find your niche market.

Take a listen for yourself and see what tips you can pick up!

(Listen to the podcast here)

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