Trio Angus

Our Program

Our breeding program is different to most others across Australia.


We have around 350 stud females & they're all run under a strict timed grazing system. This means high stock densities & conditions that are often far from fancy. We use this type of grazing because it allows us to improve the ecological health of our farm whilst also maintain animal performance – two things that are vital to us.


Certain Angus genetics are better suited to this type of management than others. Our goal is to find these genetics, replicate them & make them available to other like-minded producers.


Mother nature is the best tool we have in the selection process. Cows that are well suited to our environment will thrive on what's naturally available. They'll be fertile, sound & raise good calves - these are the genetics we want.


We also believe that breeding cattle should be enjoyable & rewarding! We try & make what we do fun & keep it simple. We love getting to know other breeders & enjoy showing people what we do here at Trio Angus.


Our mission is to be committed to regenerating our land, whilst at the same time operating a productive seedstock business. This creates opportunity & enjoyment for all involved.

100% of recent buyers rated the temperament of Trio Angus bulls as excellent or very good.


Any observant local knows more than any visiting scientist. Always. No exceptions.

Roger Payne, Biologist