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What to do with the rain – by RCS

Now that there have been some good falls about, with at least enough to grow some grass and add a bit to a very dry profile, the question is – what should we do now?

It’s apparent from the jump in stock prices that the green grass fever has started to impact the market. However, its important to take a deep breath in gratitude for the rain received and pausing to monitor and plan the reaction, will pay dividends.

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Matts fencing video helps BlazeAid volunteers

Following Matts recent trip to the Running Stream BlazeAid Camp, we decided to put together a ‘Fencing Tutorial’ video. The aim was to help the volunteers with their tieing off, knots & straining skills. Its been well received & already watched by close to 200 volunteers.

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Top Producers Forum

We’ve just arrived home from the Top Producers Workshop in Adelaide. This was a two day event hosted by the Farm Owners Academy with a focus on increasing farm profitability & learning how to run a better business.

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