Genetic Road Trip Pays Off!

2500km. 640 bulls. 2.5 days.

We did a whirlwind trip down south to suss out a few potential new sires last month.

Our goal was to find new genetics to address the needs & desires of our clients. To be specific, we were looking for bulls that offered outcross genetics, low/moderate birth weight, lower mature cow weight & solid carcase figures. We also wanted the bull to come from a strong female line.

Of the 640 bulls, we narrowed it down to five that we wanted to bid on.

After some nervous AuctionsPlus bidding (including dropping out mid-auction) we’ve managed to secure two of the bulls on our wish list so far.

Te Mania Qualcine Q133 – A young bull with very well balanced EBVs. His genetics will appeal to clients who are chasing more marbling, without wanting to sacrifice any performance across other traits. He also has a low birth weight which adds flexibility.

Adameluca Quigley Q10 – This bull will appeal to breeders looking for a lower birth weight yet solid 200,400 & 600 day growth. On paper, his Mature Cow Weight was higher than we’d like so we spent some extra time checking out his cow family. They proved to be moderate & easy keeping which was what we wanted.

We have a couple of other bull projects in the pipeline, we’ll keep you updated!

Genetic road trip image

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