Considering an AI program? Here are our Top 5 Tips

  1. Do your maths. In a season where ‘walking’ bulls look to be more costly, the budget to do a commercial AI program can be attractive. An estimate of costs would be $20/hd to synchronise plus $15/hd for the AI technician cost. Semen can range from $10 to $100 straw.
  2. Consider the extra time & labour required. The AI group will have to be needled up to 4 times in 10 days, at very specific times. This requires good planning.
  3. Work on a conception rate of 50%. Higher rates might be achieved, but its best to be conservative. This means 50% of the group will still be ‘open’ after the AI & will need to be joined with a backup bull. These females will also all be cycling around a similar time, placing added pressure on bull capacity.
  4. Pick your semen carefully. AI provides a great opportunity to increase the rate genetic gain in your herd – if you use the right bulls! There are lots of options & information to consider. We suggest keeping the number of semen sires you use to a minimum for progeny consistency.
  5. Ask for advice! We’re more than happy to offer guidance & answer any questions. We’re also happy to give advice on any AI sires you’re considering, we’re looking at Angus genetics every day!

We have a range of semen available for commercial AI programs. Contact us for more info.

Trio Command R36 – Commercial semen available to pre-order
(click on photo to view Pedigree & EBVs)
Trio Command R18 – Commercial semen available to pre-order
(click on photo to view Pedigree & EBVs)

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