Trio Angus

Our Cattle

Our herd currently consists of 200 registered females. These cows are certainly the foundation of our breeding program and create a strong, reliable base to breed our bulls from. They also allow the continual improvement of our female family lines.

Fertility is paramount, along with the ability to perform under less than optimal conditions. Our cows are moderately framed and easy keeping, they are also quiet and good to handle as we put a strong emphasis on docility.

AI and ET is used heavily within the stud, allowing us to maximise the genetic potential of every calf crop. This, in turn, allows us to continually offer industry leading genetics to local commercial breeders.

Our cows run on a mix of native and sub-tropical pastures throughout the year. The bulls are developed on a mix of sub-tropical pastures, lucerne and forage oats. Its important to us that our bulls are athletic, ready to work and can thrive when they arrive in their new environment.

We place a strong emphasis on customer service. We are committed to helping breeders make solid genetic gains in their own herds and enjoy building long-lasting relationships. We also ensure that buyers can select their new bulls with confidence and ease.

The Trio Angus brand is for the commercial cattleman who wants to be a high performer in the beef industry. Using our bulls gives them confidence that their herd is moving in the right direction.

We invite you to come and look at our cattle and see how Trio Angus genetics can work for you. Our journey together starts here.

Trevor Birley
‘Redcourt’ Manilla NSW

I like that the Trio Angus bulls are mostly pasture reared and handled regularly. A good temperament is vital to me.

Richard Thompson
'Ballantyne' Cassilis NSW

Matt & Shelley know the type of animal we produce and they provide an insight into sale bulls that will fit our criteria.

The beef industry will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50 years. We’re in good shape. Our breed is well thought of. We have wonderful programs.

Joe Hampton, American Angus Association President