Trio Angus

Our Cattle

Our breeding herd currently consists of 300 registered females.

We believe nature provides the best selection process of all. Cows that are well suited to our environment will thrive on whats naturally available. They'll be fertile, sound & raise good calves - these girls get to stay, they have the genetics we want.

Those females that can't perform in our system get a one way ticket out the gate, no matter how pretty they are. Their genetics simply aren't suited to our system.

We have three other key breeding objectives:

  1. Breeding quiet cattle. We genetically select for good temperaments & also use low stress stock handling. Survey results show that almost every buyer rates the temperament of our bulls as excellent or very good.
  2. We want to make calving time easier. We know that calving difficulties cause a lot of stress for all involved so we have a strong focus on always offering elite, very predictable calving ease genetics.
  3. We want help reduce bull breakdowns. Obviously a lot of things can contribute, but we want to do our part the best we can. Selling our bulls at 18 months of age or younger, really helps. They’re carrying less weight, are more athletic & socialise better.

As a family owned business, we're able to adapt & change our genetics quickly. We're continually improving our genetics so they are a great fit for the unpredictable, Australian environment.

We invite you to come and look at our cattle and see how Trio Angus genetics can work for you.

100% of recent buyers rated the temperament of Trio Angus bulls as excellent or very good.

Richard Thompson
'Ballantyne' Cassilis NSW

Matt & Shelley know the type of animal we produce and they provide an insight into sale bulls that will fit our criteria.

Mother nature knows what’s best, we just need to get out of the way & be patient.

Terry McCosker